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We have been operating on the lighting market since 1995.

From the beginning, the most important for us was and is the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that quality stays long after the price is forgotten. We also know that it is impossible to produce a cheap and very good quality product at the same time. Usually low price - excludes good quality, and in the case of our industry also user safety.

We design, test and manufacture our lamps exclusively in Poland. We have a team of 'experienced engineers and designers, a modern photometric laboratory and several dozen highly qualified employees, thanks to which we are able to meet any challenge.

No compromises as to the components used and the highest quality of workmanship allow us to give even a 10-year full warranty on our products. The very high quality of our products has been recognized by the leaders of the LED lighting market - CREE (USA) and OSRAM. By signing favorable cooperation agreements, Neonica has the ability to directly supply the best components and the ability to use their trademarks.

We invite you to cooperate!

What is Growy LED?

Growy LED is a specialized lighting based on advanced LED technology, designed to support plant growth.

NEONICA Growy LED lamps accelerate plant growth and promote flowering and budding. And all with up to 80% lower demand for electricity compared to traditionally used sodium lamp (HPS) or metal halide.

The Neonica company deals in sales and professional consulting when it comes to lamps for lighting plants. Our growth support products directly contribute to the grower's success. Energy-saving lamps for plant production is a real revolution in helping gardening. This lighting of the crop allows you to speed up and increase the harvest. All our lamps for breeding have the necessary approvals. Plant development support products are now among the basic weapons of agricultural producers in the fight for better crops.

  • Very high energy efficiency of up to 80%. The optimized spectrum generates light only in the PAR area, it strongly supports various growth phases in plants.
  • Specially selected LED sequence enriched with 430-453 nm and 642-662 nm bands perfectly match the needs of "A" and "B" chlorophylls.
  • Unprecedented efficiency: as much as 90% of the emitted light is used by plants, thanks to the elimination of the "sterile spectrum" unnecessary plants.
  • SELF COOLING - a specially designed housing made of anodized aluminum alloy does not require active cooling with fans. This reduces energy demand and extends the lamp life to at least 10 years of continuous use.
  • LEDs do not emit much heat radiation, so the lamps can be hung very close to plants without worrying about their condition.
  • Thanks to a much lower temperature of normal operation of Growy LED lamps - the consumption of water necessary for cultivation is drastically reduced.
  • Growy LEDs use specially dedicated OSRAM LEDs, which guarantees trouble-free and high quality of the product.
  • No harmful UV emissions. No mercury, cadmium and lead.
  • Growy LED has been entirely designed and manufactured in Poland.

What is Growy LED?

Plants hit the growbox in growbox. Simply put, it is a special box or tent designed for year-round cultivation. Now everyone can have their own production of herbs, salads and other plants at home. LEDs provide the right amount of energy and low heat emission from Neonica Growy luminaires helps maintain optimal humidity. Full climate control allows you to enjoy healthy, fast-growing plants in your own apartment. Neonica Growy LED is a compact design, various powers, safe use. If a modern growbox is only with the Neonica Growy LED lighting system.

How it works?

Everything is based on specially selected OSRAM LEDs of the appropriate wavelength, maximally absorbed by chlorophylls A and B.

The maximum absorption of the two most common chlorophylls is 430 and 662 nm for type "A" and 453 and 642 nm for "B".

The intensity of crop lighting is measured using a special phytophotometer device that monitors the photo stream in the PAR range (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). Using a spectrometer you can measure the spectrum of different lamps and compare them. In fact, it may turn out that the 600W HPS lamp is less efficient than the Growy LED 200W, because the sodium spectrum of the sodium lamp only slightly coincides with the needs of plants. In summary, a large portion of electricity is used to generate so-called an "idle spectrum" that does not participate in photosynthesis. Therefore, one cannot only suggest PAR indication from a phytophotometer. It is also necessary to compare the lamp spectrum efficiency in relation to the peaks and maximum values ​​necessary for processes occurring in chlorophylls A and B.

Plants' demand for light falls in two main ranges of the visible light spectrum that use assimilation organs:

  • 430 - 453 nm
  • 642 - 662 nm

To sum up our luminaires supporting plant production, it is a proposal for growers for whom the most important factor is growth stimulation of the entire culture. Certified luminaires guarantee adequate greenhouse lighting to support plant growth. The possibility of freely shaping the spectrum, energy efficiency and no emission of harmful radiation are just some of the reasons why it is worth using our lamps for plant production.